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Inspiration is a gift from the universe, talent is an ability to bring it to fruition and humility is the experience you should achieve when you share it.

#Kody&Ko and @sharoninbali: u’ve been ripping off my work for a while now in spite of me asking u to stop. U may think u were being clever by introducing a ‘no photos of the artwork’ in ur shop… but as the saying goes: ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ and thats evident by the photos that people have sent me.

I can see also that there’s certain images that have been painted more than once which would suggest that they’re selling well, huh? 

So, as u refuse to stop forging my work, and as much as I hate to do it, this is a ‘name and shame’ for u.

Friends and followers please feel free to reblog/share and comment. These type of people have to be stopped

Sharon can be found on
Facebook: Sharon Gottliebsen (
Twitter: @sharoninbali
Instagram: @sharon_inbali

Your stuff is awesome. I was wondering if you use a specific cap or do you just use any ? Lyle.

Asked by Anonymous

If I’m using Montana Gold I use a fat cap, For Belton paint a standard cap and for MTN94 I use a Belton Fat… Every paint is different so it takes a bit of trial and error to get it right

I find your work both amazing and inspiring. Can I buy any stickers if you have them? Using it for art work on my laptop. Thanks

Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for the kind words… I dont do stickers tho so can’t help u out

do you do commissioned work all the best gareth

Asked by Anonymous

yes I do but it depends on whats wanted. Email me on if u want to discuss